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Hi everybody!
Thanks for your ideas about what makes a good or exceptional performance. What part do you think fluency and technical skill play in terms of audience satisfaction? Many of you identified showmanship as a key aspect. How does that rate in comparison?

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Here’s a wordle on melody:
Wordle: Melody

Now create your own as an individual or group on one of the other musical elements using AS MANY music terms you can generate. Go to:


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15 Responses to “Year 11 Music Discussion Board”

  1. lizpmuso Says:

    Emma Wray said:
    I think what makes a good live performance is not just the music but the people that perform it. You can’t just have a good song and stand up on stage and expect people to want to listen to you. You have to display yourself in a confident and positive way. If you look like you know what you’re doing and you sound alright people are going to not only buy your cd’s but your concert tickets too. You also need to be aware of the music your playing e.g. that you are all in time and can be heard as one song not just a mismatch of guitar, vocals bass and drums.

    heres two links the quality isn’t that good but they kind of link to what I said:

  2. George Keenan Says:

    I think that what’s needed in a good performance is confidence throughout the entire performance. Even if you did mess it up a bit, keep going and finish what you started (or at least as far as you can go depending on what your audience thinks). Even the simplest mishaps can add a little bit extra to a performance.
    I also believe that if you spread your variety as to what type of music you play, you can attract a bigger audience who will listen too you. As instead of playing one specific type of music, you can play different kinds of songs or even do a different version/COVER of a very popular one to attract a new or familiar audience.

    This kinda shows what i mean about an accident can make a great show:

    This clip shows what I mean about doing a different version of a popular song:

  3. Katie Harris Says:

    I agree with George that in a performance Confidence is needed to make it great, also its the state of mind your in and the emotion that comes through the music. As a consumer I like to see variety in music and *confidence*. In this clip the energy on the stage in INSANE! It makes it enjoyable for the audience AND the performers…

    As I was saying the emotion in pieces makes a huge difference to the audience in this clip Eric Clapton was singing about a family death, you can hear what hes feeling and how the audience reacts to him.

    • lizpmuso Says:

      Hi Katie,
      your links have ‘expired’, but yes, the Tears in Heaven performance is memorable for the intensity of the emotion. I also think the emotion is a central component – the performer who ‘lives’ the music and communicates that to us…

  4. Sophie Morgan Says:

    I think some aspects that make up a memorable/exceptional performance are energy and confidence. If a performer gets up on stage and hangs their head as they play their piece, the audience will probably not relate to it or feel the emotion that music is supposed to create. The viewer/audience will feel more compelled to get involved in the performance and enjoy it if the performer themselves looks confident and proud of what they are doing.

    I agree with Katie when it comes to Eric Clapton’s Tears In Heaven. It’s a beautiful song and the emotion that he puts into performances of it makes it even more amazing.

    Paramore are an amazing band to see live because of the energy they put into their shows. This is an example of one of these performances. Here, they even included a short intro cover of Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah, a song of the same name. (Sorry for the bad sound quality – all versions on YouTube were filmed by someone getting crushed in the audience).

  5. Sam Elliott Says:

    Sam here.. i think what makes a good yet exeptional performance would have to be like mentioned below or above is confidence.. it is definitly essential for a performance.. a band that shows this creatly is fall out boy singing dead on arrival even though they are on live tv they still show the utter most confidence and play fantasicly.

    Another thing essential for a good performance would be the emotion put into the performance. Emotion of all sorts are spread through the music world a performance that shows this would have to be Bon Jovi in wanted dead or alive i think that he really gets into his performance and shows his emotions well..

    Cheers Sam Elliott

  6. Kurtis Says:

    Hallo! when I watch a music performance i want the musicians to realise they aren’t just playing their songs, but putting on a show, one way they can do this is by involving and addressing the audience eg, getting them to sing a line, telling jokes at a smaller venue etc.
    I like there to be energy from the everyone in the band, not just the frontman which means they must be confident in that their songs are good, their skills as musicians etc as well as moving about the stage and doing a little dance, whatever. A smile can go a long way here.
    There must atmoshpere at the venue, form the bands music and performance. I reckon there is more atmosphere at a smaller venue,
    but that’s just me.
    As well as the whole, in time, equal sound, high enough volumes, talented musicians, stuff that goes without saying really.
    This is a small venue with good showmanship

    This is prob a bit OTT than what I meant when I said energy, but it gives you an idea haha.

    and this is a real cool small venue concert with probably my favourite guitarist as well:)

  7. Kurtis Says:

    oh, I should mention that second link also has a good example of audience adressement (is that the right word?) but you probably noticed that anyway.

  8. lizpmuso Says:

    It seems that a key aspect running through the comments is involvement with the audience – showmanship, confidence, energy – commitment by the performers to what they’re doing.

    How important are things like technique and fluency to you? Or is that assumed as being a given?

    Interesting links and good examples! Keep writing – we can all learn from each other.

  9. Yeeee Adele!!! Says:

    Hello There!!!
    Haha… This Is Crack Up! Anyway…
    I Think Like All The Others What Makes A Good Performance Is Confidence!
    If You Dont Believe In Yourself To Play The Music And If You Dont Believe That It Is Going To Sound Good Then Who Is Going To…??
    The Way You Present Yourself To An Audience Shows How Much You Care Towards Your Fans And Music. If You Just Chuck On An Old Shirt And Just Jump On Stage And Play Some Random Thing You Haven’t Practised Properly Then It’s Definately Going To Show In Your Performance!

    I Agree That You Need Emotion In The Music!

    I AgreE With Katie And Sophie That This Is A Pro As Performance!
    Yup… Thanks!

  10. Tony Larsen Says:

    heyy, i think a great performer would have to be very confident the whole way through, i dont like this kind of music in the clip, like REALLY dislike it but from what i heard it was ok. but when you have a band and you mak a mistake its not as noticeable, especially with some of the big bands like slipknot(haha) they have 9 people in the band so if one guy makes a mistake im sure it would be harder to notice.

    [URL deleted]

    plus i think in a performance the person or people need to be confident because it would be pretty crap if you went to a massive concert and the band gets stage fright but i guess that would be all just practice, like the bands pink floyd, metallica and ACDC they hav been around since like the 60s or seventies and theyre still great bands

    • lizpmuso Says:

      Hi Tony,
      I don’t get why you chose that link if you dislike it? The purpose is to choose what you do admire in a performance. I find the opening sequence offensive in content and I think some others in class would also. Could you resend your comments minus the link? The Buckethead one is enough.

  11. Tony Larsen Says:

    oh i forgot to mention i also think someone must have a few different styles of playing such as the small time guitarist ‘buckethead'(you will know why they call him that)

    some of his songs are really good i think, plus he playes alot of theme tunes or classic songs

    watch this video from 1:42(the time on video) to about 1:52, he plays Bouree by Bach, from 2:14 to 2:31 he plays the theme tune to the horror movie Halloween, from 2:32 to 2:46 he plays the exosits theme tune(i think), form 2:55 to 3:15 he just plays really fast showing he can play alot of different things, and finally this soft song he made for his parents,

    i think this truely shows that if you play alot of different styles loads of people can enjoy them

  12. Tony Larsen Says:

    hahah i forgot to put the adress for the second comments firts part

  13. rynos Says:

    (i lost my last comment somehow?) i think a good performance could also depend on the crowd or group who is listening, eg. hip hop lovers wouldnt like a metal concert.
    i think this band displays confidence for sure, they know their instruments and they involve the crowd wich always gets the concert pumping!

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